Leverage our expertise in constructing comprehensive logistics solutions. 

From sourcing materials to shipping finished goods to customers, and every step in between, at Expeditors, we understand what it takes to keep things humming in the manufacturing world.



Our Services

With our global network of experts in mature and emerging manufacturing centers, we design comprehensive solutions that optimize transportation flows across sites, using all modes, to harness the full critical mass of the enterprise—driving out costs while achieving service levels.

Whether it’s inbound production materials, finished goods to distribution centers, interplant work-in-progress (WIP) flows, or shipments to customers, our logistics programs are customized to meet your unique needs.

Additional Capabilities

  • Management of critical logistics, either for potential line-down situations or hot customer orders.
  • Design of comprehensive solutions that support production logistics: optimize inventory, process, and transportation.
  • Applying systems thinking and lean design methodology to help customers remove waste and cost from their networks.
  • Support for build-to-stock and build-to-order customers with services tailored to their exacting requirements.
  • Management of complete networks on behalf of customers to exploit synergies and deliver world-class performance.

Case Study

Optimizing Workflow & Leveraging Automation

A large, international manufacturer was having issues meeting their service level goals. Expeditors was able to help them optimize their processes and meet their goals.

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